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2700 kg: hand pump, electric pump possible for an extra charge
3500 kg: Electric pump standard equipment

The entire electro-hydraulic system is in the splash-proof aluminum box under the loading area.

The brake cable is hidden in this illustration.

Ramp length at 301 = max 251 cm
Ramp length from 362 = 301 cm



STEMA default colors



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The colorization of the trailer is not fully correct due to your monitor and our coloring method. The colors are just a visualization of the approximated color and the real world coating can differ in color and tint.

Though through to every detail.

3 sides full of potential

The TRIUS 3-way tipper is our extremely sturdy all-rounder. The base frame of the 3-way tipper, which is welded by hand and hot-dip galvanized in the zinc bath, is extremely resilient thanks to its additional cross and longitudinal supports. Whether bulk goods, building materials or construction machinery, the Trius is perfectly prepared for commercial and private use. The 3-way tipper, manufactured entirely in Germany, stands for two things above all: high quality craftsmanship and affection for details.

Invisible storage space

Invisible storage space

The optional available aluminum ramps can be stowed behind the license plate to save space and can be locked there. The inside of the chassis offers optimal storage space for those, which brings the ramps safely and quietly to any destination. Regardless of whether it is a small excavator or a larger construction machine, the ramps can be individually adjusted over the entire loading width depending on the desired track width.

A tilt angle of over 45 degrees

A tilt angle of over 45 degrees

The enormous tilting angle causes any cargo to slide. With the 3-stage and in our 4m model even the 4-stage, hard chrome-plated telescopic cylinder, it goes up safely and powerfully. Our swingable rear wall with its raised stanchions ensures a greater passage height while unloading. This means: Safe and quick tipping.

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