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Lashing points welded directly to the frame, tensile force: 1000 daN

Optionally, an aluminum checker plate floor can be installed on the wooden floor at the factory. This protects the screen printing plate from unnecessary wear and tear from tracked vehicles.

The brake cable is hidden in this illustration.

Ramp length: 170 cm, width: 30 cm, angle: 18°



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The colorization of the trailer is not fully correct due to your monitor and our coloring method. The colors are just a visualization of the approximated color and the real world coating can differ in color and tint.

Though through to every detail.

Developed for professionals with high standards

The BAUMA is our extremely massive construction machine transporter. It´s an extremely solid construction. With its welded and hot-dip galvanized carrier system it can - depending on the model - hold up to 2.8 tons of load and is perfect for daily construction site use. The sturdy drive-on ramps made out of steel are not only extremely robust, they also offer a low drive-on angle. The track width can be individually adjusted to almost any dimension.

Ramps are practical

Ramps are practical

Extremely durable lashing profiles for extreme loads. With up to 4 lashing profiles each side and a maximum load of 1,000 daN each, our welded lashing profiles hold every construction machine in its position. Your goods Your goods can be secured quickly and effectively. Four firmly welded lashing points offer additional lashing options in each corner of the frame.



The two steel ramps are also optimally secured while driving. The additional lever locks allow the ramps to be locked quickly and easily and ensure safe and almost noiseless transport. The two long sides of the construction machine transporter are equipped with walkable fenders made of steel plate. They provide a secure hold and minimize the risk of slipping.

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