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The perforated side sheets counteract the torsional forces.

The brake cable is hidden in this illustration.

Ramp length: 290 cm, up to 3100 kg, 1 pair, weight: 100 kg



STEMA default colors



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The colorization of the trailer is not fully correct due to your monitor and our coloring method. The colors are just a visualization of the approximated color and the real world coating can differ in color and tint.

Though through to every detail.

Huge loading area

The SySTEMA XXL is our extremely huge tandem trailer. Its sheer size combined with its excellent tracking properties make it a real SySTEMA. As with the smaller SySTEMA models, it is based on the SySTEMA modular principle, which makes it multifunctional and expandable.

Perfect roadholding

Perfect roadholding

The SySTEMA XXL also owes its perfect roadholding to its standard built-in shock absorbers. Together with its rubber spring tandem axle with independent suspension, this makes it a pleasant companion behind every towing vehicle.

Safe on the move

Safe on the move

Safety when securing loads is very important to us. With up to 14 anchor points, each designed and tested for a load of 800 daN, the trailer is prepared for all conceivable transport goods. Our lashing eyes offer an additional feature. If the lashing point is not required, the lashing loop fits neatly in its recess and does not get in the way.

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